Acai and Weight Loss

The acai berry has been harvested in the jungles of the Amazon River Valley by the natives for thousands of years. This berry looks kind of like a grape and grows a top of the acai palm tree, native throughout the jungles of South America. Though the acai berry has been a staple of the local diets since before the days of the Conquistadors, this amazing fruit has only become popular in the industrialized west for a few years, as people who are weight conscious realize the benefits the acai berry has in loosing weight.

As people discovered that the acai berry is so beneficial in naturally causing obese people to loose weight, it has gotten quite a bit of attention in the media and people have begun to buy these tiny berries in droves. So, just what is it with the acai berry and all the publicity in recent years? Well, the reason for all the publicity is obviously the weight loss benefits, but the acai berry has all kinds of other benefits that are less known. For example, the acai berry has all kinds of benefits, ranging from being rich in antioxidants to increasing your metabolic rate. In a nutshell, the acai berry has many health benefits and can be a natural supplement to many of the drugs that we take and without all the unpleasant side affects of those drugs.

One of the other great benefits that the acai berry has is that it can greatly benefit the anti aging process. For a tiny berry, this miracle fruit has more antioxidants than a glass of red wine. Furthermore, the acai berry has such benefits in fighting fatigue, which can make energy drinks and caffein pills a thing of the past. The best thing of all, the ability of the acai berry to fight fatigue and it does it all naturally.

One other thing with this acai berry craze is that, like with other crazes, the scams around the acai berry are as abundant as the health benefits of the acai berry. You need to be well prepared to buy the true acai berry and not fall prey to these scams, which may make you believe that you are buying the acai berry, but are actually buying a counterfeit. To begin with, the real acai berry comes from the wild jungles in South America and hard to come buy, therefore its expensive. The first thing that you need to look at in choosing a genuine acai berry supplement, you need to check the label on the bottle and if its not 100% acai berry extract, dont buy it. To get the full benefits from the acai berry, you should have acai supplements that are made purely from 100% acai extract.

Typically, the type of prices you can expect for true acai berry supplements usually range from $40 to $50 a bottle. Another thing you need to look into is the vendor who is selling the acai supplements. Make sure that the vendor has a money-back guarantee and that is reputation is sound. Never buy acai supplements from TV infomercials or other shady vendors that tend to infest the internet. Buying from TV infomercials is the best way to get scammed and not get the real thing. Furthermore, though the acai berry does benefit a lot of people, it might not work for some people, so if it doesnt work for you, you can get your money back at most reputable vendors.

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By Helena

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