Acai Side Effects

The Acai berry – with all of the hype and media attention – seems to be nearly too good to be believable. You know, it’s almost the stuff dreams are made of. They say that if you drink the juice from this fruit that it will give you more energy, will help you look and feel younger, all while lowering your cholesterol, and helping your system fight cancer. But with all these benefits, you’d think that there must be some serious serious side effects from taking the acai berry.

Truth be told, up to this point, there have been no reported cases of Acai side effects. None. In addition to that, there also haven’t been any reports of the Acai berry having any reactions with to prescription drugs. As the Acai is a natural fruit (not some “naturally occurring enzyme”), but a real fruit like an apple or strawberry, it is extremely unlikely that there could be any acai side effects. While there is always the possibility of someone being allergic to the Acai berry, it is quite rare for people to have negative side effects from natural fruit.

The only way that there could be any sort of side effect, is if you purchase a low-quality Acai supplement in pill form. If this were to happen, chances are, the reaction you have would be because of the additional ingredients. That’s why you should try a free sample of the high quality acai supplements here (see the banners at the top, side and bottom of the site).

Some say that your best bet to get your daily dose of Acai is to go with an all natural 100% Acai berry juice. But who is able to do that? I mean, really… Instead, try an Acai supplement. The natural form is preferred, but as it is quite a hassle to get top quality Acai juice, most people opt for supplements.

To sum it all up:

-There are no acai side effects known (and it is highly unlikely as the Acai berry is a natural fruit).One of the best reasons to take Acai berry is that it has no side effects to go along with all the amazing benefits.

-Stick to high-quality Acai supplements (like the one listed below) if you are going to take an Acai supplement.

-Supplementing with the Acai Berry can help eliminate toxins from your body and reduce your chances of cancer.

Oprah recently named the Acai Berry Juice as her “Number One” super food.

Worried about acai side effects? Then read my acai review before trying an acai supplement


By Bradley Crowther

Thanks for clearing this up – there seems to be so much conflicting information concerning the acai berry



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