Information About the Acai Berry

Here you can read the latest information about one health food that is growing in popularity all over the world, the acai berry.

The basic description of the acai berry.

The acai berry can be found in the wilds of the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil and the berry looks similar to a grape but has a rather large seed that takes up most of the fruit. With the scientific name of the acai berry being euterpa olarecea, the berry consists of 90% seed and only ten percent fruit, which is primarily the skin and some pulp and grows on the tops of palm trees native to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest.

Contrary to popular belief, the acai berry is also cultivated and not always wild.

Thats right, though found only in South America in the Amazon Rain Forest, and is picked and eaten by the locals in the wild, the acai berry is also cultivated for consumer use.

Why is the acai berry not available in its natural form in the United States?

One of the main reasons why the acai berry is not available in the United States is because the berry itself is highly perishable and would not last the trip into the United States in its natural form. The acai berry can loose most of its nutrients within 24 hours after it has been harvested, hence it is processed before it is exported.

How is the acai berry made available commercially in the United States and other countries outside of its native area?

In the United States and Europe, the primary forms of the acai berry is usually sold in either pulp or juice. Though acai juice and pulp are the most common forms of the acai berry in the United States, the acai berry is also sold in tablet and powder form as well. The pill and powder forms of the acai berry are usually the most expensive and are usually used as dietary or health supplements and the juices and pulps of the acai berry are primarily used to add to tasty foods and make them more tasty and nutritious.

How does the acai berry earn the title of being the worlds most nutritious fruit?

The main reason why the acai berry is considered to be the worlds most nutritious fruit is because this tiny fruit is loaded with all kinds of nutrients and antioxidants that have been known for their benefits to human health. Some of the nutrients that the acai berry has are all the major vitamins needed for human development, including vitamins A, B, complex C, D, E, and K. The acai berry also contains all kinds of other minerals that the body needs for the everyday healthy function of the human body. Some of these minerals include copper, potassium, and sodium. Furthermore, the acai berry also contains omega 3 and 6 fats, which are only the healthy fats. The most important nutrient that the acai berry contains, however, is the high level of the same antioxidants that are in red wine. These antioxidants promote heart health and also fight cancer.

What are the health benefits that the acai berry provide?

The health benefits of the acai berry are indeed many. The acai berry has been growing in popularity in the West mainly for its ability to provide rapid weight loss to all dieters and for raising your libido in a natural way, unlike expensive Viagra. Other health benefits that the acai berry has include the slowing of the aging process, providing energy, and curing all kinds of different diseases and disorders, such as those of the digestive system, insomnia, and some cancers. The acai berry also helps kill the cells that cause leukemia as well.

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